Empowerment Sessions

The Empowerment Sessions are designed to educate and enhance the Entrepreneur in the areas of Business Planning, Starting a Business, General Business Advice, Social Media Marketing, Web Design Assessment and Videography Consultant. We do one-on-one and group sessions to meet your business needs. These sessions are held at our local office in Philadelphia, PA or at your nearest local library upon your request. 

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Promo Video Promotional

Promo Videos for only $100.00 which requires no shoot and videos can be emailed over to you in minutes no matter where you live. We have access to pre-recorded video content according to industry. Perfect for individuals who want to cut the cost on expensive Video Productions on just new in Business.



     Starting a Business


ABC’s of Starting a Business Online Training Class

This seminar is designed for individuals that are curious about starting a Business or started but missed some steps. The seminar gives you the prerequisite for success in terms of evaluating yourself and your business concept. This is a Online Training Class that will be held online. Its designed for individuals that are curious about starting a Business or started a Business but missed some important steps. This class will give you the prerequisite for success in your new business. 1.How to Assess Yourself Before Starting a New Business 2.How to Assess Your Business Concept/Idea 3.How to Obtain the Skills You Lack 4.Basic Components in a Business Plan 5.The Importance of Researching Your Industry 6.How to Count the Cost 7.Funding Sources NOTE: Once payment is made we will invite into the Training Class. Please use a Gmail Email Address Only.


Business Startup Packet


Starting a Business Packet

Introducing my Starting a Business Packet for Self-Starters. This is a Powerful Packet that will get you started in your new business in Pennsylvania. This packet includes: *Business Checklist *Business Concept Assessment form. *Entrepreneur’s Skills Assessment *Startup Expense Worksheet *Operation Expense Worksheet Buy Now: $60.00 (5.00 for Shipping) E-Files Available



     Business Planning             


Business Planning Mentoring (2 payments $300.00)

This is a 6 week course for those who are starting a Business. We will hold your hand for 2-4 months as you complete a comprehensive Business Plan. Our Power Hour Session has been tailored for individuals that lack direction and need support in starting their new business.


  Business Consultant                   


Power Hour Business Consultant

Starting a new Business and you don’t know where to begin. Our Power Hour Session has been tailored just for individuals that lack direction and need support in starting their new business. The Power Hour Session includes a Comprehensive Checklist and mini one-on-one walk-through of each item on the checklist. The research has done for you no need to worry about missing a step in starting your business.


 Social Media Power Hour                                  


Social Media Power Hour

We give you the tools to market your own Social Media effectively by providing you the skills in Brand Strategy. In addition, helping you to understand your target market needs so you can adjust your Social Media content to meet your target market needs; and preplan your Social Media for Success. Key Components ✅Familiarize Customer with your brand ✅Learn how to sell without actually selling. ✅Learn how to be solution-driven ✅Learn the 20/80 rule in marketing ✅Builds Relationships. ✅Share Expertise. ✅Educate Self. ✅Increase Visibility. ✅Connect Anytime.


 General Business Advice                                     


General Business Advice

We help you with gathering specific information and pointing you in the right direction to make you successful on your business journey. For example, what, when, how and where and why.


 Videography Consultant                         


Videography Business Consultant

We give you recommendations on the appropriate Video Style you should invest in according to your brand so that you can reach your target market through the appropriate video content. For example, Documentary, Testimonial, Interview, Promotional, Trainer, etc.


Web Design Assessment                                          


Web Design Assessment

We offer a detail website assessment for your current website. We evaluate the font, background, color, pictures and style. In addition, we offer recommendations for upgrades.


    Online Class Setup                            


How To Set Up An Online Class Using a Free Tool ?

Have you ever dreamed of starting your very own Online Classroom ? Perhaps do a Training Video and set it up E-commerce and make money in your sleep. How does that sound ? Learn how to use a free channel to setup your Online Classroom and add classes to your school like a Pro. This is a great way to earn another stream of income. People will pay you for information that you know how to present in an organized fashion. I am excited because my Online School has already started. Do you need a Videographer to get you started ? We have the skills to make that happen for you after the webinar. You deserve to get paid for your expertise, remember that.


    Mail Chimp Webinar


Live Facebook Webinar on Mail Chimp

This webinar will teach you the basics in how to use Mail Chimp which is an email marketing automation system which is free to use. You will learn how to create your email list, how to the use the design tools to create your ads, and how to read reports and so much more.


 Target Audience Template


Target Audience Consultation Template

This session involves one-one or video conference for business owners in helping them to identify their target audience. This template will include key questions to help you to identify your target audience. Demographics play a major role in identifying a target market. Demographics could be age, sex, gender, education, backgrounds, race, social-economic, class and religion.